What do you do in the winter?

Same as in the summer - but we dress warmer! Good gear is essential, and changing to a winter bike (i.e. rusty and less beautiful bicycle) is a good idea. We reccomend you be adventurous: it's not impossible to bike in the winter, just different!

How big of a package will you deliver?

If a package fits in our huge custom messenger bags, it will be delivered. Small boxes, large tubes, packages or food can fit in our bicycle panniers. Bicycle trailers will be available soon!

How do I set up an account?

Two easy steps: 1) Fill out an application online, or call 294-4589; 2) we will setup a meeting to exchange info.

Are packages/envelopes insured?

All packages/envelopes have a free basic insurance of $50.00 in value. Additional insurance can be purchased. Please inquire for details.

Do you take cash payment for a delivery?

Yes, for clients without an account or for personal document deliveries.

What information do I need to order a pick-up?

  1. Client ID number
  2. Pickup address: room#, bldg#, street, postal code
  3. Delivery address: room#, bldg#, street, postal code
  4. Service: Superhero, 1hr, 2hr, and 3hr
  5. Package type and special instructions

Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, any special accounting needs can be arranged. We are flexible!

Do you offer daily scheduled pick-ups at specific times?

Yes, any bank run or other daily and time-specific pick-ups can be arranged with a fixed rate. This service is very efficient and popular.

Where do you get your custom messenger gear?

See our links page for information.